Scripture Alone?…from the beginning, it was not so! – Conclusion

A final thought. Many Protestants will try to claim that the teaching of the apostles was that of Sola Scriptura, that the Bible is all one needs for salvation. But the writings of the Bible, the canon, was not even defined until the Council of Rome in 382, the Council of Hippo in 393 and the Council of Carthage in 397. The first complete copy of what is now considered to be the Bible was not commissioned to compiled into one complete book until 400AD, and it would remain the authoritative list of scripture until the 1500s when the Protestant Reformation would start removing books that didn’t fit into its flawed theology.

Many Protestants will also claim that soon after the apostles the early church somehow went off the rails and turned away from the original intent of the apostles. When did this happen? Immediately after the death of John? How illogical would that be? The apostles teach all these Christians to follow “scripture alone” then immediately, in all Christian communities in the known world they reject this? Is that even a rational way of thinking? They were being persecuted, why would they immediately throw out all that they were taught and introduce something like a central authority if it wasn’t there from the beginning? It absolutely makes no sense. Especially since there was not a codified bible until 400AD. How would it even be possible?

The logic even becomes worse if you want to try and claim it happened over a period of time because the evidence is clear that a central authority was present from the very beginning. To deny this is to deny TRUTH.


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