1st Tobacco Review: Dunhill London Mixture

This is my first tobacco review and is a new part of this blog. Since this Blog is called The Pint, The Pipe and The Cross, I thought it would be nice to include some pints and pipes. In The Pipe category on this blog I will talk about pipe smoking, pipes, tobacco and how it all works together with pints and the Cross.

The first tobacco I am going to review is Dunhill London Mixture.

When I first started smoking a pipe back in the 90’s, like most when they are just beginning, I smoked only aromatic blends. Aromatic pipe tobacco is tobacco that has been given a top flavoring like vanilla, rum or various other flavorings. They usually smell really nice.

Lately I have taken to smoking a lot of English/Balkan/Oriental blends. These blends do not have an extra added flavoring. The are predominantly composed of Virginia, Latakia and Turkish/Oriental tobaccos. I will make some posts later explaining the differences in these tobaccos and the different blends.

On with the review:

Dunhill London Mixture

I received the tin of Dunhill London Mixture last night from pipesandcigars.com

I opened it up this morning to put it in one of my cellaring jars. It’s important to decant pipe tobacco into something that will not let it dry out once you have opened it. The tins they come in are not good for storage once opened.

Dunhill London Mixture is an English style tobacco. There is a wide range of English style tobaccos depending upon the proportions of Virginia, Latakia and Turkish or Oriental types of tobacco that are added to the blend.

Upon opening I was greeted with the familiar smells of latakia smokiness (but not too much) and the tanginess of the Oriental tobacco. The tanginess can be described as a kind of olive aroma. It also has some sweetness in the aroma similar to dried figs. The Virginias lend a grassy/hay like smell as well.

This is the description of this tobacco from the pipesandcigars.com website.
Dunhill London Mixture is a beautifully balanced, medium-bodied Latakia blend with a healthy amount of exotic Turkish tobacco, which is supported by sweet Virginias. The interplay of the Turkish leaf with the Latakia steals the show and makes London Mixture another stalwart in the Dunhill line.

Here are the vital statistics:
Manufactured by: Scandinavian Tobacco Group
Blend Type: English/Oriental
Contents: Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Flavoring: None
Cut: Ribbon
Packaging: 50g/1.75oz Tin
Country: UK
Strength: Medium
Flavoring: None Detected
Taste: Medium to Full
Room Note: Tolerable
Tin Moisture Level: Perfect to Very Slightly Dry

This tobacco was perfect for a early morning smoke. I got my morning coffee, went out on the back patio and sat down with my rosary and liturgy of the hours to begin my morning prayer time. After settling myself in and blessing myself with the sign of the cross, I packed my pipe, lit it and savored the slightly sweet and spiciness of the first few puffs. I could also taste the slight sour/tanginess of the Orientals and the balanced smoky bitter flavor of the Latakia. There was also a slight nuttiness present. It produced a nice creamy smoke and only had to relight it toward the end of the bowl. I smoked it in my Stanwell Churchwarden with the short stem instead of the long stem. I found the bowl lasted for the entire time I prayed the rosary. What a great way to slow down my prayer, contemplate the presence of the blessing of God in my life and enjoy this product of His creation. It was very relaxing, yet helped me to focus on the mysteries of the rosary and really meditate on the Passion of Christ in the sorrowful mysteries. As I smoked I pondered the smoke as a symbol of my prayers rising up to God, similar to the picture of the prayers from the incense of the saints in Revelation rising to Heaven.

The room note of many English blends that are Oriental forward like this can have varying degrees of a floral, almost incense aroma that can remind one of incense during a Mass at Easter or Christmas or other special times.

I really enjoyed this tobacco and will include it in my regular rotation. I can see smoking this with a pint of porter or stout as well as with a fine dram of fine Scottish Whisky.


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